Hiring an industrial roofing contractor - What to know

Posted: 19.04.18


Industrial or commercial roofing systems are a complex and sophisticated part of any building, but also vitally important. So many elements form a typical roof these days, such as membranes, coatings and advancing insulation technologies. Meaning the design and construction process is constantly evolving. Expertise in roofing technology and experience play an even greater role when choosing a commercial or roofing contractor.

Jumping straight to the point, here are some quick tips to help you select a commercial or roofing contractor.

Check references

It’s one thing to hear that a roofing contractor is experienced with all the up-to-date knowledge in the latest materials. But it’s quite another to have an independent party back it up. That is why it’s so important to check references, especially for projects of a similar size to yours. Look for proof of past successes, and check their website and case studies.

Customer list

Ask any potential contractor about their customer lists before hiring. You’re looking to find out if the company you’re considering has been in business for some time with an established list of customers and completed projects. If this can be confirmed, they are a company you can progress with.

Do their solutions fit your needs?

When you need to hire a roofing company, close attention should be paid to whether or not they’re offering solutions that fit your needs. You may not need a complete new roof. A company with integrity looks at every job with a no-nonsense approach, not tell you to have work done that you don’t need. Look for someone who will inspect your issue and provide you with an honest estimate, and then walk you through the next steps of the project.

Do they have professional certifications?

One of the major things you’ll want to consider before hiring a roofing company is whether or not they have professional certifications. We believe heavily in obtaining proper certifications and continuing education.

Look out for the British Safety Council, Chas Accredited Contractor & Confederation of Roofing Contractors amongst others.

Will the company come to you to inspect the issue/project?

The cause of your problem might not be what you think it is. In fact, it could take some digging to get to the root of the problem. There are also times when a roofing contractor can take one look and spot the problem right away. If a roofing contractor is not willing to take a look and give you an honest inspection, it might not be worth working with them. By taking a look, it shows that they’re thorough and interested in taking care of your needs.

What warranties will you receive?

Hiring a roofing company is not something that a typical business does very often, unless they’re particularly unlucky. Installing a new roof or making repairs or improvements is also a huge financial investment. This makes a company’s warranty guarantee important. It may seem tedious but please digest any warranty documents very carefully, making sure you fully understand what they will and will not cover, and what is contained in the terms and conditions.

How does the firm qualify its workers?

Most roofing contractors employ a variety of workers to get the job done. These people need to have the flexibility, knowledge and versatility to handle a wide range of projects. But how do you know they’re qualified to work on your project? Simple. Ask about the process the company uses to vet their project partners to ensure each worker has the experience and qualifications needed for your job. And check to make sure they’re health and safety certified, too.

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