Industrial Gutter Repair & Maintenance

Are your industrial & plygene gutters damaged or blocked or in need of new guttering liner? Or just need of maintenance? Whatever your problem, our gutter renewal, lining and cleaning services will stop leaks, protect your building and save you money.

Guttering Systems Renewal

Sometimes gutters are that badly damaged or have leaking gutter joints, they are beyond repair. We can provide gutter renewal in a range of materials, whether it be PVC, colour coated steel or galvanised steel. Our expert surveyors will be able to recommend the best solution forthe job.

Gutter Lining

Another option is to line your gutters with a gutter lining system. We use a number of gutter lining systems including Uni-fold and Plygene. Gutter lining systems allow you to retain the existing gutter, meaning internal disruption is kept to a minimum. Furthermore each system we provide will come with a twenty year product guarantee.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is the most straightforward way to combat gutter problems. Regular maintenance of gutters will ensure they are clear of debris and free flowing. Allowing them to work as originally intended. Proactive gutter cleaning helps prevent costly repairs and damage to products.

Case study: Monarch Airlines

The Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd hanger at Manchester Airport is a colossal structure that is capable of housing the airline 'shuge aircraft. One thing the airline cannot tolerate Is any defect on the building that could impact on the integrity of their maintenance work and in turn jeopardise the safety of the aircraft and its passengers. Leaking gutters, therefore, were a major concern.

When, as a result of building movement and continuous temperature fluctuations, the joints in the building's steel gutters began to spring, creating leaks that allowed potentially disastrous water to enter into the hanger,

Monarch wasted no time in organising an effective repair solution. Sheer size and accessibility, however, were two of the mainconsiderations. The building 's two perimeter gutters are positioned over 18 metres off the ground and what's more, each gutter measures 73 metres in length and is almost one metre wide. Just for good measure, each gutter also includes 11 syphonic outlets.

The made-to-measure Gutterline liners were delivered on two single piece, joint free rolls that were hoisted into position by the cherry picker. This enabled the Leafield team to simply walk along the gutter as they pulled each liner off the roll and allowed it to fall into position within the gutter. The back edge of the liner was then firmly fixed up and behind the roofing panels, while the leading edge was securely capped on to the outer wall of the gutter itsel f to create a continuous, seamless 'gutter within a gutter'. Leafield then cut the outlets, replaced the syphonic covers by hot-air welding them into position on the liner, and despite the scale of the task and the difficulties of access, the entire contract was completed and handed over in just one week.

Following a close inspection of the newly lined gutters, plus a severe weather testing by the elements that confirmed the quality and effectiveness of the workmanship.

"Monarch have no hesitation in congratulating Leafield Projects on a job well done".

This project featured in Roofing Magazine.

If you think you may have a problem with your industrial or commercial guttering, get in touch here and a thorough assessment will be made before discussing treatments and next steps.

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