Roof Light Replacement

Natural light into buildings can offer companies a number of benefits; reduced energy costs and improved employee performance. Damaged and heavy discoloured roof lights can cause a number of problems for companies, including increased energy bills and costs associated with leaking roof lights.

Leafield Projects offer roof light replacement systems for any type of industrial roof.

We also provide FixSafe roof light replacement. This product allows for roof lights to be replaced from the underside of the roof. Meaning the work can safely be carried out from a MEWP, whilst saving money on netting and scaffolding.

Case Study - CPG

CPG invited Leafield Projects to tender for works, following a recommendation from a previous client.

The warehouse area suffered from numerous leaks and Georgian wired northlight glass had become a problem, with cracks.

Leafield Projects removed the existing glazing, installed new intermediate support rails and installed a combination of composite panel and factory assembled roof lights. Greatly improving the lighting levels whilst combating the leaks.

As part of the works Leafield also completed an asbestos over roof , installed gutter liners and installed roof safety lines to allow for future maintenance to be carried out safely.

"Leafield were chosen for their health and safety knowledge, especially with the new CDM regulations. There work was completed to a very high standard."

If you would like to know more about roof light replacements, get in touch here and a thorough assessment will be made before discussing treatments and next steps.

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